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Dennis Chuene

One man, two sewing machines. Cheune celebrates the timeless design and craftsmanship of one-off pieces.

Don Aretino

Indonesian-born, Berlin-based Aretino’s work explores the interconnection between same sex desire, religion and social analysis with custom-made pieces made to last a lifetime.

Fade Out Label

A zero waste brand focused on "degrowth" by drastically reducing consumption and the exploitation of raw materials. Designer Andrea Bonfini says "you are what you wear" respecting quality and not quantity.

Gunia project

A brand that rethinks and integrates recognizable elements of traditional culture into modern design objects for everyday use. Each product is handmade and hand-painted, keeping alive the culture of Ukrainian craft heritage and protecting the livelihood of rural artisans.


Specialising in easy clothes made from organically grown hemp.

Ksenia Shnaider

Founded by a designer duo from Ukraine, KS is a synthesis of fashion design reasoning from Ksenia Schnaider and engineering logic and a sense of humour from Anton Schnaider. Mainly using upcycling and recycled materials.

Melisa Minca

MM is for eccentric individuals who want to have fun with self-expression, but at the same time not contribute to the environmental pollution and human exploitation. Upcycled, reworked items and custom tailoring.

Tanja Bombach

Bombach is a director and designer based in Berlin, founder of the project series CATALOGUE OF DISGUISE, using fashion, performance and music. The series adopts an intersectional approach to shape a cultural perception of fashion

Vladimir Karaleev

Bulgarian born, Berlin based designer producing and sourcing locally in a small range made-to-order series, working with stock or end of roll fabric usage and no overproduction

Yaroslava Khomenko

A conceptual art and fashion project using textile experiments for social communication, ironical reflection of overconsumption and a dialogue between the past and the future.

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